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Tampa Mini Bus

Hire the Best Tampa Minibus Around!


If you drive through Tampa, you'll surely see plenty of minibus charters on the roads. Where are they going? Who hires them?

It may be a surprise, but at one Tampa minibus company, many of the clients are schools. They send a bus to the airport to pick up prospective students, who are then taken to the schools to be introduced to what those schools have to offer. These trips often include some sightseeing as well, so prospective students get a feel for what is around them and what they can do when they're not in class.

Minibus charters are also offered by sporting organizations like golf clubs. These organizations may provide transportation for spectators, participants, or both. It helps to ensure that competitive events take place without delays, improves guest services, and can help bring funds to the groups.

Tour companies are also big users of our charters. They have both a jump seat and PA features that are installed specifically for a tour guide or group leader, have DVD and bluetooth capabilities, great AC and much more.

These are just some of the organizations behind the minibus charters you see on the roads in Tampa. Others include companies who need a way to pick up groups of executives from airports, private schools offering field trips, sports organizations sending teams to away games, and even churches that are sponsoring vacations for their members.

If your group could use a minibus that will go where they want it to, instead of along a set route, it's easy to hire one. Just contact a company like Barracuda Travels, LLC in the city. They have plenty of options to get you where you want to go, when you want to be there.

For most organizations, a minibus is perfect. It will hold up to 24 people with plenty of rear luggage space as well. However, if you have a large group, you'll be happy to know that full-sized charter buses are also available, which seats up to 58. These big tour buses are often seen on the highways of Florida, where they make it simple to move large groups across the expanses between cities. All charter bus options offer large windows that make sightseeing easy, great and comfortable seats, and cleanliness levels that would not be found on most public buses.

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