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Tampa Charter Bus

Choose Private Tampa Airport Transportation to Get Where You Want to Go

Many hotels offer airport shuttles, but they come with one big restriction: They only go to the hotel that sponsor them. This is fine if that's where you'd like to go, but if you want to bring a group somewhere else, it's no help at all. Fortunately, this doesn't mean that everyone has to rent cars or relegate someone in their party to driving a van.

A Tampa charter bus gives you the flexibility that hotel-operated airport shuttles do not. With a charter bus, you get a group-sized vehicle with its own driver. You and your party can all ride to your real destination and talk, with none of you left out of the conversation. You also have your choice of destination and timing. Whether you want to see the Super Bowl, attend a convention, take a Golf Outing, Fishing Charter  or enjoy one of Tampa's restaurants, you'll be able to do so without first stopping at a hotel or arranging other transportation.

Out of all of the Tampa airport transportation options, a charter bus stands out as great for group travel. Other options, like taxis and rental cars, can only hold a few people at a time. This makes them inconvenient and costly if you need enough to make a convoy. You also may not be able to get enough cars for everyone to arrive at roughly the same times, which is a problem if you need to get somewhere on a set schedule. If you choose the taxi route, you can also have problems when your event ends and you have to arrange for new ones to reach your next destination.

You have many size options for a Tampa charter bus, as well. If you have a large group, you can hire a big charter bus that comfortably seats 55-58 people, and is great for sightseeing as well as basic transportation. Even better, while this bus is as large as a city bus, it is much nicer and more private. Everyone will enjoy the ride.

If your group is smaller, try the minibus. These hold up to 24 people with still plenty of rear luggage space for Golf Clubs, Coolers, Fishing Gear or whatever you have in mind for the group charter.

Many organizations, tour companies, and privately-arranged group excursions make use of charter buses for their transportation. With these buses, there is no need to worry about patrons getting lost, not being able to drive, or not finding transportation. They make everything go smoothly from airport landing until takeoff.

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