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Florida Charter Bus

See the Sights in Style with a Florida Charter Bus


If you've ever been to Florida, you know that its cities do not generally sprawl into one another. Instead, they are discrete units separated by miles and miles of fields or forests. This means that a sightseeing tour absolutely has to have an efficient way to transport the entire group. Otherwise, there will be plenty of tour members who take a lot longer to reach the next destination than the fastest ones do, and some who get lost altogether.

The best way for a tour operator to handle this problem is to work with a charter bus service. Charter bus excursions eliminate the need for new visitors to try to find their way, and ensure that everyone reaches each location at the same time. They also offer the benefits of keeping everyone comfortable, which would otherwise be hard during the hot summer months.

Typically, a Florida charter bus will have large, tinted windows that allow for great views while keeping the microwave-like sun outside. They are very impressive to see on the street, and from the inside, the experience is nice as well. Seats are upholstered in fabric rather than the tough vinyl of public buses, and they take bucket seat form instead of having hard benches. This makes it much nicer to ride on one of these buses than one from a big mass-transportation company.

Charter bus service companies often have both large and small buses, so you're not out of luck if you don't have a huge group to transport. The small buses, also called minibuses, are nearly double the capacity a standard van and are often used by businesses and schools who have up to 25 people to move. Meanwhile, the large ones are favorites of tour operators and others who need to move around 50+ people. By having two size options available, charter bus service companies are able to serve a wide variety of customers.

While many people choose to have a Florida charter bus come to the airport to start the trip, this is not mandatory. Tour operators may choose to start off at a hotel or other congregating point so that their customers can drive there if they aren't coming from a distance requiring flight. Using a non-airport starting point can also make it easier for customers to park their cars for the long term, and it avoids airport parking fees.

The next time you're planning a large Florida outing, be sure to check out charter bus options. You'll find that they are superior to almost every other form of transportation for groups.

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